In-house fights are fairly common

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The reported assault case involving Oakland head coach Tom Cable and defensive assistant Randy Hanson is being investigated by Napa, Calif. police and has the NFL's attention.

However, altercations between two people on the same NFL team happen and probably more than the public knows.

I remember several years ago, while I was covering the Vikings (along with NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert) we were waiting to be allowed into Minnesota's locker room after a preseason game at the Metrodome. A huge ruckus was heard and a long delay ensued. Quarterback Daunte Culpepper and a little known rookie free agent tussled, knocking over some tables. Guess which player was cut shortly thereafter?

The point it, these things happen. The following is a list of some of the more memorable in-house physical disputes in the NFL. If you can recall any others, fill up the comment section:

Steve Smith attacks Ken Lucas: Smith, the Carolina star receiver, beat up Lucas, a cornerback, at training camp. Smith was suspended for two games by the team. Smith had two previous incidents in his career in which he assaulted a teammate.

Buddy Ryan and Kevin Gilbride: In 1993, Ryan was the defensive coordinator and Gilbride was the offensive coordinator in Houston. Ryan punched Gilbride on the sideline during a national broadcast.

Michael Westbrook and Stephen Davis: At Washington's camp in 1997, Westbrook, a receiver, attacked Davis, a running back, and beat him badly.

Kerry Collins and Norberto Davids-Garrido: In 1997, the Carolina teammates got into an argument at a bar during training camp and Davids-Garrido punched Collins.

Kenny Easley and Joe Vitt: Easley, the Seahawks' hard-hitting safety, knocked out the assistant coach with one punch after an argument in the early 1980s.

Shaun Smith and Brady Quinn: Late last season in Cleveland, Smith, a big defensive lineman, slugged Quinn, the quarterback.

Terdell Sands and Shane Lechler: Last season, on a flight home from Denver (after a win), the huge Sands hit Lechler, a punter.

Tom Bresnahan and Nick Nicolau: In 1989, the two Buffalo assistants had a huge brawl while watching game film that is still remembered around the league.