Five questions: The reality TV punter

For the next couple of days, at least, the AFC West is home to a reality television star. Yeah, pretty cool.

Glenn Pakulak -- in his third preseason as an Oakland punter -- is part of the cast on Bravo’s “Most Eligible Dallas,” which airs Monday at 10 p.m. The series follows some of Dallas’ most social folks.

I caught up with Pakulak on Thursday before the Raiders flew to Seattle for Friday’s preseason finale. Pakulak, who expects to be cut Saturday because of the presence of superstar punter Shane Lechler in Oakland, will get plenty of time to impress other teams Friday. As Oakland plans to rest Lechler and kicker Sebastian Janikowski, Pakulak (who has been with seven NFL teams) said he expects to handle every kicking duty -- punting, kickoffs, extra points and field-goal duties against Seattle. He hasn’t attempted a field goal in a game since high school.

Still, he took time to play five questions:

Bill Williamson: How did your involvement with the show come about?

Glenn Pakulak: “I moved to Dallas a couple of years ago to start a clothing line with good friends Wes Welker (New England’s star receiver) and Kliff Kingsbury (former Texas Tech star quarterback who is now the offensive coordinator at Houston) and I have more time to spend on the line than those guys do because of the stability of their jobs. I think Bravo thought it was neat that I’m a journeyman punter who is also multi-faceted as I also do fitness modeling and I’m involved in fashion design, which is big part of Bravo.”

BW: Do your teammates razz you for being on the show?

GP: (Laughing),Oh yeah. That’s good timing for this question. Just this morning our special teams coach, John Fassel showed my modeling shoot to the entire team. That was the most embarrassing thing to happen. Sunday, we played New Orleans and I saw Drew Brees (a former teammate) and he was heckling the heck out of me.”

BW: What are your immediate plans after you will likely be cut soon?

GP: I really enjoy being in Oakland and working with Shane and Sebastian. They are the best of the best. But this also gives me an opportunity to play in the preseason and show other teams what I can do. I had a good preseason, so hopefully I get picked up. I’m looking forward (to the next week). You never know what opportunity will come next.”

BW: What are your post-football plans?

GP: I will continue to do fitness modeling, and maybe go back to teaching and doing punting camps. I really enjoy working with kids.”

BW: Would you do the television show again?

GP: Definitely, I’ll do the show as long as they want me to do it. I will have as many coals in the fire as possible and scrap off the ones that don’t catch and keep on doing the ones that do catch.”