Answering questions about Terrelle Pryor

The NFL world is still reacting to the Raiders’ selection of former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft Monday. ESPN columnist Jemelle Hill believes it’s a low-risk endeavor for Oakland.

I’ve been deluged with questions from readers about what Pryor’s selection means. Let’s take this opportunity to answer some of your questions on the matter:

Keith Warren from Louisville wants to know if Pryor could play a “slash” role like Kordell Stewart used to play.

Bill Williamson: Oakland coach Hue Jackson has said Pryor will be given the chance to play quarterback first and then the Raiders will take it from there. If Pryor doesn’t develop, he could play a receiver. Still, I could see the Raiders making Pryor a slash-type player if he doesn’t become the starting quarterback. The lure of Pryor is his size, speed and overall athleticism. That’s what the team will focus on.

Jared L from Eugene wants to know if I think Pryor could play tight end.

BW: I could see him starting off at receiver before tight end if he is ever switched from quarterback. He is 6-foot-6, 240 and he runs a.4.41 40-yard dash. He’d make a dangerous receiver. I’m not sure he is rugged enough to be a tight end. But the determination of whether he’ll be a receiver or a tight end will be made later.

Tommy from San Jose wants to know when I think Pryor will sign his deal with the Raiders.

BW: I don’t think there will be much of a hold up. The Raiders need to get Pryor on board as soon as possible and his pay scale is all but figured out. He should receive around $2.36 million over four years and about $600,000 in bonus money. This deal should not be hard to finalize.

Mike from L.A. wants to know if I think Pryor will appeal his suspension.

BW: Pryor has said he will appeal his five-game suspension if the Raiders want him to. The NFL usually sticks it its guns on these things, so I don’t think an appeal would have much of a change other than knocking a game or two off his original suspension. The longer Pryor is on the suspension list, the longer the Raiders can hold off on deciding if they will cut either Trent Edwards or Kyle Boller. Once Pryor returns, it may be a lot to ask of Oakland to carry four quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.

Nema from San Francisco wants to know what kind of compensatory picks could the Raiders expect after losing Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery in free agency.

BW: This is important because Oakland now doesn’t have its second, third and fourth-round picks in 20102. The comp-pick system is complicated. Oakland will surely get some picks, but it is impossible to figure out exactly what it will get. I think it will likely get, at last two picks and I’m sure it will get at least one pick at the end of the third round. This is one of the reasons why Oakland felt good about using a third rounder on Pryor.