Five questions with Willie Roaf

I got a chance to catch up with new Pro Football Hall of Fame electee Willie Roaf on Wednesday for a few minutes to discuss the whirlwind his life has been since he was elected Saturday. Roaf was a star tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2002-05:

Bill Williamson: How did you celebrate Saturday night?

Willie Roaf: (Laughing) I didn’t celebrate Saturday night. I flew from Orange County, California to Indianapolis and didn’t get in until 1 in the morning. At about 2:30 PT, I was coming home from the gym and my agent, Lamont Smith, told me he thought I get in, but he wasn’t sure. Then, I got home turned on the NFL Network and saw that I got in. Then, I had to get to the airport and fly. It was hectic.

BW: You went to the gym during the vote?

Roaf: I had too much nervous energy. I had to go do some cardio to get my mind off of it.

BW: Did you ever get to celebrate?

Roaf: I did some at the Super Bowl on Sunday in the suite. I was planning to do some more after the game but by the time it ended I was so tired from everything, I had to go back to the hotel and go to bed. It’s a little different when you are 41.

BW: What do you think of this Hall of Fame class?

Roaf: I love it. I say it’s the blue-collar class and I love that. You have two offensive linemen like me and Dermontti Dawson and two defensive linemen like Cortez Kennedy and Chris Doleman and workhorse running backs like Jerome Bettis and Curtis Martin. Guys made it on their body of work and I really like that. [Editor's note: Bettis was a finalist for the class, but was not inducted.]

BW: Any ideas of who will be your presenter?

Roaf: It will probably be my dad (Clifton Roaf). In my entire college and pro career, he missed one home game and that’s because my brother had a college game. He drove to New Orleans and Kansas City for every home game from Arkansas. It has to be him.