Schottenheimer's tree grew winners

One of the most impactful coaches in AFC West history is Marty Schottenheimer

Schottenheimer was a commanding, successful head coach in both Kansas City and San Diego. He turned both franchises into winners.

Fair or not, Schottenheimer is famous for his team’s failures in the postseason. Often dominant in the regular season, Schottenheimer teams were 5-13 in the playoffs. While Schottenheimer never won big when it counted, some of his protégés have.

Schottenheimer is famous for his coaching tree. It is one of the most impressive in NFL history. Two of his former assistants, Bill Cowher and Mike McCarthy have won Super Bowls as a head coach.

Schottenheimer also affected several other coaching careers. So, while he never won the big game, Schottenheimer’s NFL impact is undeniable.