AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Bill from Hampton, VA: Bill, Do you think the Chargers will make any big moves during free agency or are they okay with letting every team in the AFC west better themselves while they field last year's team?

BW: It doesn't look like it at this point. Most of the big names are accounted for. The Chargers have talked to a few players but nothing major has happened. The front office likes the roster and it feels it can make some improvements through the draft.

Ryan from Lincoln, NE: Hi Bill, Love the blog and your coverage of the division. Do you think the chiefs could benefit from signing a veteran wide receiver and if so which available players do you think would be a good fit?

BW: Thanks, Ryan. They are talking to Bobby Engram, so he may be the player the team is most focusing on at receiver.

San Jose: Hey bill i'am a huge raider fan what do you think about signing tank johnson and go after a hard hitting safety by trading fargas and draft picks? and do you see the raiders makeing any other moves in the free agency?

BW: The Raiders have Gerard Warren and Tommy Kelly, but Johnson could fit if he can be had at a bargain price. It looks like Fargas is staying, though, after redoing his contract.

Sacramento: Bill, love your blogs and coverage on the AFC West. Does it seem to you that Josh McDaniels is focusing more on bringing in his New England buddies versus bringing in marquee talent? Gaffney? Jordan? How many more RB's does Denver need? Cassel over Cutler? C'mon!!

BW: Yes, he does seem to be relying on his New England ties. I'm with you. I don't think Lonie Paxton is a major upgrade over Mike Leach at long snapper and I don't think Cassel would be an upgrade over Cutler.

Mike from Denver: Bill, love the blog man!! Who needs NFL Network when we have you! After his comments recently about being out of Baltimore, could you see Matt Stover coming in to Denver to replace Prater? Prater has a hell of a leg but could never seem to find a rhythm inside of 30 yards - Stover would be a veteran presence that could be counted on it tight spots and Denver has the cap room.

BW: Thanks for the kind words, Mike. From what I gather is Denver wants to have competition for Prater in training camp and not replace him yet. So an experienced kicker like Stover may not be interested in coming into a situation where he would have to compete for a job.

Kansas City: I know Matt Cassel was able to put up some pretty respectable stats with Patriots for his first year on the job. But, do you really think he will be successful with the Chiefs? I mean, Does he make the Superstar-caliber throws? I was reading an article that said that he was a system quarterback just like Thigpen-- He doesn't have the arm strength to play under center and he throws erratically sometimes. Plus, he played well with a juggernaut O-line and Randy Moss in New England. But, Kansas City is a different story about the O-line, but I could see a great duo in Dwayne Bowe and Cassel. I just want to know if in the future, he can develope to become in same league as guys like Brady, Manning (both), Brees, Warner, and Rivers. So give me your thoughts please.

BW: I do expect Cassel to have success in Kansas City. He may not be great, but the team will build its system around him and give him a chance to succeed. Don't expect miracles but expect Cassel to do a nice job as the Chiefs' quarterback.