Mailbag: Will San Diego have a Ball?

Mid-week mail call:

Andrew from Chicago wants to know if I think Denver could be interested in Detroit free-agent defensive end Cliff Avril.

Bill Williamson: I doubt it. Denver has some strong pass-rushers and Avril be heavily sought-after. I think the Broncos will have other needs (starting on the interior defensive line) and Avril will get better offers.

Andrew Luna from Los Angeles wants to know if I think the Chargers could take Wisconsin running back Montee Ball in the second round of the draft.

BW: I like Ball a lot. I think he is going to be a standout runner, and that he could be an intriguing idea for San Diego. But I also think the Chargers could find a complement to Ryan Mathews in free agency. I can see this pairing working in the right situation -- but I’m not sure if it is likely.

Dan from Mansfield, Pa., wants to know if I think the Raiders could take injured South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore in the middle rounds, similar to what they did in drafting an injured Michael Bush in 2007.

BW: I wouldn’t necessarily connect the dots here. This is a different regime than the one that drafted Bush. Oakland will likely add a running back in some form, but I wouldn’t necessarily say the Raiders are a favorite to land Lattimore.