AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Ryan from Lincoln, NE: BW, What is your take on the Chiefs' defensive philosophy this season? I'm personally not a fan of the 3-4 but as your article about the Patriot Way moving to the West said this is the defensive scheme New England loves. If the Chiefs do take Aaron Curry where we he fit in a 3-4 scheme?
BW: It's what the brass is comfortable with. But it could take a while to establish the 3-4 defense. Some scouts don't think Curry, the best defensive player on the board, is a good fit for the 3-4. But, then, there are scouts who think he is a good enough athlete and is bright enough to adjust well to the move should Kansas City take him at No. 3.

Gabe from Las Vegas, NV: Hey Bill, I appreciate what you do for us fans in the information department. Let's say that Crabtree is available at the 7th pick. Would you be surprised to see the Raiders trade that pick for both their first round picks and attempt to pick up Darrius Heyward-Bey with one of them.
BW: Thanks, Gabe. No, I could see Oakland trading down for a couple of first rounders. But if Crabtree is there at No. 7, the Raiders will be very tempted to take him.

Nick from Denver: Hey, Do you think the broncos could draft Nate Davis in the later rounds. McDaniels likes to develope late rounders like Tom Brady and Matt Cassel. Do you think they would do that?
BW: I expect new Denver coach Josh McDaniels to indentify a quarterback in the late rounds to draft. That is the way Patriots do things and McDaniels (New England's former offensive coordinator) does things the way the Patriots do them. Perhaps Davis or Texas Tech's Graham Harrell could be a fit.

San Diego: BW I have read most of your blogs, as a charger fan I know they have some serious needs but who do you think they will really pick at #16, if all there options are there (Jenkins/Jackson/Rey M./ OHER)?
BW: If all four of those guys where there? I still say Rey Maualuga of USC, but the Chargers might be tempted to go after Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins if he was on the board.

Hass from Piscatway NJ: The more I think about the Jeff Garcia signing the more I wonder. It seems to be that the most logical explanation is to give Russel some incentive to practice harder. With Kerry Collins and Kurt Warner replacing two franchise quarterbacks last year Russell has to be aware that the same could happen to him. Maybe this is what will push him to finally develop into the quarterback the Raiders expected him to be when they drafter him. If this is holds to be true, taking this and the rest of the off season into account it seems like the Al Davis that built championship teams is back. P.S-being a Rutgers student I have to wonder, could you see the Raiders drafting either WR Kenny Britt or WR Tiquan Underwood or Saftey Courtney Greene?
BW: I think you are on the right track on Garcia. He is an insurance policy for JaMarcus Russell if he gets hurt or if he regresses. I think it was a smart move for Oakland. If Russell does well, Garcia will sit the on the bench with no issues. As for the Rutgers guys, I'd say Oakland could show interest in Britt in the second round if it doesn't draft a receiver in the first round.