Eric Berry is entitled to his opinion

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry once again questioned whether Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson intentionally hurt him in Week 1 last season. The hit cost Berry the entire season after he tore an ACL.

When asked again if he thought Johnson deliberately hit him low on an open-field block Berry said on Tuesday, "You can look at the tape and make your own opinion about that. I mean, my opinion is my opinion."

Last month, Berry tweeted that he wondered whether the Bills had offered incentives to hurt him. Tuesday, Berry said the tweet was “pretty much a joke.” Johnson has denied the hit was intentional.

What do I think of Berry’s reaction?

His opinion is his and he can feel any way he wants to feel. But his focus must remain on his rehabilitation and improving off his special 2010 rookie season. Berry is reportedly on target and should be back to start the 2012 campaign.

By the way, the Chiefs visit Buffalo this season.

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