Haley needs a play caller

It’s interesting that Kansas City coach Todd Haley said he is considering calling the offensive plays next season.

Haley has to hire a replacement for former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, who has taken the same job at the University of Florida.

Haley saying he may call plays could possibly turn off potential offensive coordinator candidates. Among the names mentioned for the job is Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. McCoy didn’t call plays in Denver until coach Josh McDaniels was fired last month. It’s not out of the norm for head coaches to call plays. It happens. Haley called plays in 2009 in Kansas City after he fired offensive coordinator Chan Gailey in the preseason.

The Chiefs offense was much better in 2010. Haley said that he was more comfortable in 2010 than in his rookie head-coaching season because he had more time to work with the overall team than he did in 2009.

I think the Chiefs should continue that way. This is not a matter of Haley being an ineffective play caller. The overall team is just better when he has the time and flexibility to help everywhere. The key for the Chiefs’ continued offensive success is to make sure quarterback Matt Cassel continues to improve. Having a separate play caller to give Haley more time to work with his quarterback, may be the best option.

I think, in the end, Kansas City needs to hire an offensive coordinator who Haley feels comfortable with calling the plays to maximize everyone’s time and ability.