Passing on Moss was right move by Raiders

In the end, the Oakland Raiders restrained themselves and did not put in a claim for receiver Randy Moss.

The Raiders were considered a top candidate to claim Moss. They had the No. 14 waiver priority. However, Moss was awarded to Tennessee, which had the No. 22 waiver priority.

I think the Raiders made the right decision in not claiming Moss. Earlier in the week, Oakland coach Tom Cable wouldn’t discount the idea. The Raiders went that route before and it didn’t work. Making a move for a player like Moss would have been something the old Raiders would do. It was a desperation move when the Raiders gave up a first-round pick for Moss in 2005. He flamed out after two miserable seasons.

Why go back? We saw how well that worked for Moss in his second stint in Minnesota.

Sure, Moss would make Oakland a better offense in the short term. But he is a card-carrying malcontent and there are too many young players in Oakland. They don’t need to be subject to an unpredictable player like Moss.

Besides, the Raiders’ offense has been clicking on all cylinders the past two weeks. Oakland has scored 92 points and amassed more than 1,000 yards of offense in that timeframe.

The Raiders are finally looking like they may make a move in the AFC West. Why mess with it? So, good work, Raiders, for restraining yourselves.