New unis: What's new in AFC West?

There really is not much to see here, folks.

Nike has taken over as the NFL’s uniform supplier, but there doesn't appear to be any major changes in the uniforms for each AFC West team. There was a big dog-and-pony show in New York on Tuesday in which players from each team modeled the new uniforms.

There were some fabric changes for most teams, but visually pretty much everything remains the same sans some subtle changes. For example, the stripes on the Chiefs’ jerseys are a bit thicker and their numbers have moved from the sleeves to the shoulders.

Denver will be wearing orange as its primary home jersey. That move was announced long ago, and it is independent of the league switching to Nike. Don’t expect any other significant uniform changes for Denver. Orange used to be Denver’s alternate home uniform. Now, an all-navy look will be the alternate home uniform.

Also, the Chargers are using trimmed black in some merchandise logos.