Pregame notes from Denver

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

DENVER -- Here are some pregame notes.

New Denver cornerback Ty Law is active and expected to play some. He signed with Denver on Saturday.

Pittsburgh linebacker Lawrence Timmons is out with an ankle sprain. He is being replaced by Keyaron Fox.

Defensive end Travis Kirschke is out with a calf injury. He is being replaced by Nick Eason.

Denver fullback Peyton Hillis is out for family reasons.

Denver tackle Ryan Harris is out with a toe injury. Second-year tackle Tyler Polumbus is making his first start.

Denver defensive lineman Ryan McBean is out with a knee injury. He is being replaced by LeKevin Smith.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in Denver. He visited the Broncos’ facility Monday.

Minor point about the fact that Pittsburgh has not won during the regular season in Denver since 1990. The Steelers won in Denver in the 2005 AFC title game.

The Broncos huddled near where Pittsburgh was stretching about a half hour before the game. Denver did the same thing three weeks ago in San Diego. Pushing and shoving ensued. Pittsburgh’s players didn’t seem to mind it tonight.