Manning staying at Casa Shanahan

In his first few weeks in Denver, Peyton Manning often joked that he lived at the Denver Broncos’ facility as he tried to learn the team’s system.

Well, Manning has settled into town nicely. The Associated Press is reporting that Manning is staying in the enormous home of former Denver coach Mike Shanahan in a Denver suburb, which is about 10-15 minute drive from the Broncos’ facility. The home is 35,000-square feet and was completed in 2009 just after Shanahan was fired as the Broncos’ coach. Shanahan and his wife, Peggy, have kept the home.

And now it has a tenant. The Associated Press said the arrangement is temporary while Manning finds a permanent home. In the meantime, Manning can relax by rolling a few balls in the bowling alley of his current digs.

In other AFC West news:

In a radio interview, new Kansas City and former Oakland tight end Kevin Boss said he is on the “better side” of the rivalry. Boss spent last season with the Raiders and was a salary-cap dump this offseason. Are his words a big deal?

No, what do you expect him to say? It’s no biggie, but it could add some spice to the team’s two games this season.

The Raiders signed offensive lineman Nick Howell. He spent time on the 49ers’ practice squad in 2010. Oakland cut fullback Tr├ęShawn Robinson. He was signed as an undrafted free agent in May.