Chat wrap: Draft, here we come

Here are some of the highlights form our draft-crazed AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Jesse Bliss from Boise, Idaho: Wouldn't it make more sense for Denver to address the future quarterback next year. Peyton has three really good years left. I believe the quarterback should sit two years behind Peyton, and then be the starter.

Bill Williamson: I can see the argument for either move. If the Broncos love someone like Cousins, Osweiler or Foles, they should take him. But they can certainly wait if they are not sold on any of these prospects.

Kansas City

Travis from Missouri: What AFC West teams are most interested in Brandon Weeden? Me as a Chiefs fan really likes this guy. Seems he has what it takes to propel us to the next level. How do you think he fits in the Chiefs plans today or tomorrow?

BW: The only possibility is Kansas City. I think the only way he ends up there is if the Chiefs trade up and take him before the Browns do in the second round. For what it's worth, I'm a believer in Weeden.


Dan A. from Rochester, NY: Bill, in the past comp picks were not (allowed to be traded). With the new CBA, is that still the case? I know people want the Raiders to trade up from 95, but I don't think that is an option.

BW: Comp picks cannot be traded. The only picks the Raiders can trade in this draft are the fifth and sixth-round picks. Thus, if the Raiders want to move up in second or the third, they will likely have to deal future picks. I think Reggie McKenzie wants to keep his future picks, so any major trade up could be unlikely.

San Diego

Robert from Bloomington: Any feel for Chargers opinion on the USC pass-rusher

BW: I think Nick Perry could be available in the No. 26-35 range. Trade down possibility. If somehow, the Chargers got Perry and Smith, it'd be a good early part of the draft.