Chargers DT Brandon Mebane reunites with Falcons coach Dan Quinn

ATLANTA -- They won a Super Bowl together while with the Seattle Seahawks nearly three years ago.

San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Brandon Mebane and Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn will be on opposite sidelines when the Falcons host the Chargers on Sunday.

Mebane and Quinn spent the better part of four seasons together with the Seattle Seahawks. Quinn first worked as Mebane’s defensive line coach for the 2009 and 2010 seasons, serving as assistant head coach for a season with Jim Mora and staying on when the team made a transition to Pete Carroll as head coach in his first year with the Seahawks in 2010.

Quinn then left to work as the defensive coordinator for the University of Florida for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

Quinn returned to Seattle during the 2013 season, replacing Gus Bradley as Seattle’s defensive coordinator and helping to lead the Seahawks to the team’s first Super Bowl win.

Quinn remained there for one more season before being hired as the Falcons' head coach in 2015.

The fiery Quinn said Mebane was one of the players who helped him become a head coach.

“He means a lot to me honestly, because guys like Brandon totally played so well and allowed me to have the Falcons logo on my chest,” Quinn said. “I’ve got tons of respect for him.

“First, as a ballplayer he’s got great anticipation of where the play’s going. I’m sure you’ve seen him point when he’s standing right there over the center. He’s knows the formation, saw a tip and his teammates totally respect him for that.

“He’s always been just an anchor inside in the run game. He’s got all of his power downstairs. He’s built low and you guys have probably seen that. He’s somebody I have tons of respect for.”

Mebane was pleased to hear his former coach compliment his performance over the years, something that goes unnoticed to the untrained eye.

“I didn’t know he thought that much of me,” Mebane said, smiling. “I’m just a nobody trying to make a living for my family. It’s special. I feel special.”

Mebane also said Quinn’s ability to teach and motivate players stood out during his time in Seattle.

“I thought he had the ability to be a head coach, especially when it comes to teaching,” Mebane said about Quinn.

“He’s definitely a players’ coach. He definitely will lighten the mood up, and he knows how to get the guys going before practice. He’s always just ready to get the guys going -- even if the mood is tight, good or bad, he always knows how to get the mood right.

“He actually was one of the coaches that helped me watch film. When he first got there, I knew how to watch film, but he took me to another level when it came to watching film, as far as breaking an opponent down.”