Bengals likely out of Marshall hunt

Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Cincinnati had discussed the possibility of pursuing Denver restricted free agent receiver Brandon Marshall.

The team probably won’t consider that option any longer. The Bengals just signed free agent receiver Antonio Bryant. The Bengals are likely no longer in the market for a receiver. The Bengals were also considering receiver Terrell Owens. He will likely not sign with the Bengals.

So far, only Seattle has visited with Marshall. Teams such as Miami, New England and the Jets could eventually show interest in Marshall. It would behoove Denver if there is more interest. That would drive up the price tag. The Broncos want a first-round pick for Marshall.

However, Seattle likely will be reluctant to send one of its two first-round picks to Denver for Marshall. The fact that Cincinnati is probably out of the Marshall mix won’t increase Seattle’s offer.