Rapid reaction: Ravens 29, Raiders 10

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Last week, after Oakland's overtime win over the Jets, interim Raiders coach Tom Cable tried to rah-rah it up by saying the Raiders were now 1-0.

On about 10 different occasions in his post-game presser, he said the Raiders were 1-0.

A week later, the truth is Oakland is 2-5. Coach, that's just what your team is. It's a 2-5 team.

The Raiders actually had a chance to get in the AFC West race Sunday, but was outclassed by a decent Baltimore team. The Raiders had no chance in this game. Often, 2-5 teams don't have chances against decent teams.

And as of right now, that's what the Raiders are: they are young, they have holes and they do have some potential. But right now, they are 2-5.