Mailbag: Danario Alexander's future

Mid-week mail call:

Trevor from North Dakota wants to know if I think the Denver will go after running back Reggie Bush in free agency.

Bill Williamson: Denver will surely look for a running back in some form, but I doubt if Bush will be a target. Denver has a smallish back in Ronnie Hillman. The Broncos are excited about Hillman and they will increase his role in his second NFL season. So, I don’t see Bush being a great fit.

Joe Smith from Augusta, Ga., wants to know if I think the Raiders can take Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner in the first round of the draft.

BW: Milliner would be a great fit for the Raiders. Cornerback is their top need and he is the best prospect at the position. But the only way Milliner ends up in Oakland is they trade down, which the team would like to do. Milliner will probably be taken in the 7-15 range. The Raiders have the No. 3 pick. The top prospects in that range are pass-rushers and Oakland may go that route because of value.

Tom from California wants to know if I think the Chargers will retain restricted free agent receiver Danario Alexander.

BW: Alexander certainly opened eyes for the Chargers when he was signed off the street during the season. Alexander had 37 catches and seven touchdowns in 10 games with the Chargers. Alexander is 6-foot-5, 217 pounds and he is just 24. He is a talent and at a position where the Chargers need talent. I think the odds are strong he will be with the Chargers this season. Restricted free agents rarely move and the unrestricted free agent receiver class is strong. So, I think the Chargers will give Alexander a big opportunity in 2013 and then try to sign him to a long-term deal if he responds well.