Chat wrap: Chargers in position to swap

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Michael Murphy from Thornton, Colo.: Why does everybody think Denver is going to take a Cornerback? They are 5 deep. Bailey, DRC, Harris, Bolden, and Carter. All but Bailey are under the age of 26 I believe.

Bill Williamson: [Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie] is on a one-year deal. If Denver sees a CB it loves, it could very well take him.

Kansas City

Mike from Temecula, Calif.: Bill, don’t you feel the chiefs should go ahead and sign Albert long term and draft Defense.sounds like just swapping left tackles is a waste when they could add Jorden or Star L. to an already good defense.

BW: Yes, I think [that] would be a strong option. I'd really think about taking Star Lotulelei with the top pick.


Joseph Hill from St. George, Utah: Bill, how do you think Jenkins/Porter duo will compare to Bartell/Spencer from last year? Better or worse?

BW: Better. Much better. This combo isn't great. But those guys last year were cooked.

San Diego

Ben K. from Santa Barbara, Calif.: If the top three tackles are gone, do you think there are teams that would be willing to trade up for the chargers pick at 11? They just have so many holes to fill and in a deep draft class like this any extra picks could be a huge help.

BW: Yeah, No. 11 is a good trade spot. The board starts to take shape and some players start to fall. I think the Chargers may be able to trade down if they want.