Chat wrap: Denver must stop Gronkowksi

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat which was held earlier Thursday:


Harold from Denver: When New England and Denver played last year, the NE tight ends carved up Denver's defense. Do you see Denver doing better in that area on Sunday?

Bill Williamson: Yes, that is a major area Denver has to address Sunday. Gronk cannot go crazy and have a three-score day.


Randy from Arkansas: Do you think drafting a proven leader like Tyler Wilson or trading for Ryan Mallett would help KC out? There is huge upside for both players.

BW: I think Wilson is a player the Chiefs may consider in the first round. I also like Mallett. I think he can maybe have a future.


Mike from Cranston, RI: Do you see Carson Palmer as the Raiders starting QB next year?

BW: Hard to tell. Have to see how things go. But if I had to guess right now, yes. The Raiders will have a lot of needs. Keeping Palmer for another year or so may be the necessary step.


Ten from San Diego: Bill, you named Meachem as the player to watch for the Chargers. Any inside info on whether they actually plan to give him a bigger role? Seems like he is not even a part of the game plan as he is hardly ever targeted. Thanks.

BW: I think they want him to be part of it, but he has been slow to get going. When Vincent Brown returns around midseason, I could see him taking a lot of Meachem's reps.