AFC West mailbag

Eric from Dallas wants to know if I think Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones can keep up their strong rushing attack all season.

Bill Williamson: Sure, why not? This is the NFL’s best running attack for a reason. Charles and Jones are good players. That isn’t going to change. The offensive line is working well and the Chiefs have a good scheme. The constant attack of Charles and Jones wears defenses down.

Parker Keegan from Spokane wants to know what I think about Denver’s rushing attack under Josh McDaniels.

BW: Obviously, Denver isn’t ready to run the ball the way McDaniels wishes. It has been the worst run offense in the NFL nearly all season. This year, McDaniels went away from the wildly productive zone-blocking scheme of the Mike Shanahan era and is using a more traditional power-blocking scheme. It’s taking Denver time to adjust to the system partly because McDaniels is using rookies J.D. Walton and Zane Beadles in the system. The reason McDaniels moved away from Shanahan’s system after using it last season was he thought the lighter offensive linemen faded at the end of last season. But the change clearly isn’t working immediately.

Nathan from Florida wants to know if I think Oakland running back Darren McFadden should start getting league MVP consideration.

BW: McFadden is having a very nice season. But for a running back to win the NFL MVP award, he needs to be dominant. Since 2000, the only running backs to win the award have been Marshall Faulk, Shaun Alexander and LaDainian Tomlinson. They all put up ridiculous numbers. McFadden has 668 yards and four rushing touchdowns. Again, he is having a very nice season, but he’d have to really pick up the pace to win the MVP award.