AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Mid-week mail call:
David from San Diego wants to know what position Denver second-year player Spencer Larsen will play in 2009.

BW: In an interview with the Broncos' website on Tuesday, Larsen said he is preparing to play both fullback and linebacker this season as he did last season. He played both offense and defense last season. He started a game in Atlanta in November on both sides of the ball. Larsen is a tough player, who can make plays on both sides of the ball. I could see the new Denver coaching staff deciding to put Larsen exclusively at either fullback or at linebacker at some point. But until then, Larsen will be put in a position to help the team on both sides of the ball.

James from Upper Marlboro, MD wants to know if who'll be the Chiefs' top receivers this season.

BW: A lot will be expected from Dwayne Bowe, of course. After that, the Chiefs will be looking or players to emerge. The team hopes free-agent signee Bobby Engram can stay healthy and make an impact. He is a good fit for Todd Haley's offense, so he will be given a chance. Holdover Mark Bradley, who played well after signing with the team during last season, could also be a possibility. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs continue to look for receiving help as the season approaches.

Greg wants to know the status of Drew Carter in Oakland.

BW: Carter is a free agent. The Raiders had high hopes for Carter but his history of knee injuries resurfaces last summer and he was lost for the year. Carter tailed off in training camp after starting off hot. He was considered a perfect fit for Oakland because of his great speed. Now, though, he remains unsigned. I'd think if Oakland wanted him back, it would have signed him already. Perhaps if Carter can show he is healthy down the road, Oakland could revisit the idea.