State of despair: Chargers

A quick look at a team that has not met expectations and is struggling:

What’s gone wrong: Everything imaginable. The 2010 San Diego Chargers are one of the most perplexing teams in recent NFL history. The Chargers lead the NFL in overall offense and defense, yet they are 2-5. Future coaches at every level should show their teams film of the first seven games of the Chargers’ season. They are poster boys for how miscues can spoil a season. Despite their dominant statistical play, the Chargers have killed themselves with a never-ending string of special teams mistakes, turnovers and penalties.

How to fix them: This is simple: If the Chargers stop making dumb mistakes, they will start winning games. This team could have won every game it has played. It just has to play better on special teams and stop turning over the ball. That’s it. But since we’re nearly halfway through the season, it is unclear if the Chargers can actually stop making these mistakes.

Panic meter: High. The Chargers have bounced back from slow starts each of the past three seasons under coach Norv Turner to win the AFC West. But it’s getting late and the Chargers’ floundering ways continue.

Coach on hot seat? The Chargers’ brass is behind Turner, who signed a three-year contract earlier this year. I think he’s safe.