AFC West Stock Watch


1. Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs coach: Haley is reportedly on the hot seat after the Chiefs have looked as bad as any team in the NFL in the first two weeks. The Chiefs have been outscored 89-10. Haley was a coach of the year candidate last season when he led the Chiefs to a 10-6 record, but there has been talk he could be bounced during the season. His fall has been swift and hard.

2. The Oakland Raiders' decision not to re-sign Nnamdi Asomugha: I know the Raiders couldn’t retain all of their free agents, but they didn’t make a huge push to keep Asomugha, one of the best defensive players in the league. He is now with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Raiders’ defense betrayed them in Buffalo; the Buffalo Bills scored five touchdowns in the second half. Having Asomugha surely could have changed things.

3. The San Diego Chargers' pass defense: A week after allowing Donovan McNabb to throw for 39 yards in the air, San Diego was ravaged by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in Foxborough. Brady threw for 423 yards and completed a team record 23 first downs by the air. The Chargers’ pass defense was no challenge for Brady.


1. The John Fox era in Denver: The Denver Broncos are now 1-1 and are tied with Oakland and San Diego for first place in the AFC West. Fox got his first win in Denver when the Broncos outlasted the Bengals, 24-22. The Broncos were out of sorts and sloppy in Week 1. Fox has to feel good to right the ship and improve in running the ball and stopping the run (his staples) against the Bengals.

2. Eric Decker, Denver receiver: The second-year receiver is a playmaker. He had five catches and two touchdowns in the Broncos’ win. He had a punt return for a score in Week 1. Decker has the look of a player who can help the Broncos for years to come.

3. Jason Campbell, Oakland quarterback: Campbell is showing improvement in Oakland. He threw for more than 320 yards at Buffalo and showed he can keep this team in games. If Campbell can continue to improve, Oakland will stick around all season.