Quote sheet: Brandon Marshall

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Courtesy of the Denver Broncos' PR staff, here are excerpts from Brandon Marshall's press briefing today:

Brandon Marshall on ...

The Tampa Bay defense: "This year they are mixing it up. They are definitely known for a Tampa-2 especially when Coach [Tony] Dungy was there. Now they are mixing it up and playing a little bit of three deep. Last week, they threw a little Cover-8 in there. They are doing very little of [Cover] 2 in there but I expect some 2. If we get it, we will be ready and prepared."

The adjustments they will make if he is double covered: "We are going to continue to do the same thing. If they want to do that then I would be happy to ride Brandon Stokley and Eddie Royal to the playoffs with them catching a bunch of balls and moving the chains. Like I said before the season, they have to play fair. Last week Eddie Royal had nine catches for 100- something yards [104] but we had four turnovers. When you lose that battle it is tough to win the game."

People saying the first three weeks were a fluke: "It is the National Football League and we have no excuses. Excuses are a tool of incompetence used by those who have nothing else better to say. I have something to say. I am not going to make any excuses but it is the National Football League. We are going to get it done this week and we have to come every week to play."

His eagerness to get back on the field: "I couldn't sleep Tuesday night. I was anxious and I was looking forward to practice. Just getting out there and being able to polish up some things. They threw two at me a little bit last weekend. I didn't prepare myself as I should of. This week I am excited to have another weekend, another opportunity. Going back to my college days, whenever I have a so-so game or a bad game, I am hard on myself. My expectations are a little bit different than everybody else's. I always go back to the drawing board which is practice and go back to the field and work harder. I busted my butt yesterday and I am going to bust my butt today and Friday. It is just working on technique, how to release against a Cover-2, push them outside or push them inside. I am just going to polish up some things."

Establishing a running game: "We are still doing very well with the run. I think we are averaging over 120 yards per game. Whenever you have over 100 yards rushing during a game then you have a chance to win the ball game. Fortunately we have so many receivers and so many different weapons that we are going to spread it out and create mismatches to take advantage of."

His fumble during the Kansas City Chiefs game: "I feel like, if I didn't fumble, it would have been a totally different game. Unfortunately, that was the way that they won Sunday. We have to do our best to eliminate those mistakes and those turnovers. Personally, I took it pretty rough."

How the fumble changes his preparations this week: "It just shows me that I have to work harder on ball security. Since college my wide receivers coach, Coach [D.J.] McCarthy, used to tell me that ball security is job security, both yours and mine. If I want to continue to be a wide receiver in the NFL, I have to have ball security."