The Big Question: Whom will Chiefs take?

The Chiefs will have a tough decision to make with the fifth pick in the first round. Will they take a left tackle or standout Tennessee safety Eric Berry?

The intrigue of the draft next week may start when Kansas City picks at No. 5.

It looks as if St. Louis will take quarterback Sam Bradford, Detroit and Tampa Bay will take defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy and Washington will likely take left tackle Russell Okung.

Then, it could get complicated. The Chiefs will have a tough decision because there is no clear-cut pick. If Okung somehow slips past Washington, he will be in the mix. If not, Berry could be the choice.

Left tackles Trent Williams of Oklahoma, Bryan Bulaga of Iowa and Anthony Davis of Rutgers are considered top-level tackles. Yet, taking them at No. 5 may be a bit of a reach.

So, the Chiefs may have to decide whether to take a left tackle (Branden Albert would then move to right tackle) or Berry, who is considered the best defensive back available in the draft.

Some believe taking a safety at No. 5 is too high. But Berry, who visited with the Chiefs this spring, is considered a game-changing player.

I believe if Okung is off the board and the Chiefs don’t have a great offer to trade down, Berry will be the choice. The Chiefs have a big need at safety and Berry would be a great addition to a team that has a dire need for an impact player on defense.