The Big Question: Tebow in the AFC West?

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will be one of the top stories in the draft. Could he end up in the AFC West?

The chances of Tebow being drafted by an AFC West team seem higher now than they did a month ago.

He is attracting interest from the division. Denver brought in him for a visit last week and worked him out Monday. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was complimentary of Tebow during his pre-draft press conference. Oakland coach Tom Cable acknowledged that the Raiders met with Tebow at the NFL combine in February.

There has not been any reported interest in Tebow from Kansas City or San Diego. However, both teams could potentially look at young quarterbacks in the draft.

Still, because of the known interest by the Raiders and the Broncos, they have to be considered the front-runners in the division to draft Tebow.

Both teams could take a quarterback early. Oakland is more likely to draft a quarterback, though, because Denver recently traded for Brady Quinn. Oakland has the No. 39 pick in the draft and that might be a good time to take a player like Tebow, if he is available. Denver has the No. 43 and No. 45 picks and if it really wants Tebow it will have the drafting power to do so.

Ultimately, though, I think it may be a bit of an upset if Tebow lands in the AFC West. I think there is more interest in him around the league than from AFC West teams. AFC West teams have other needs and by the time one of them would be considering Tebow, he will be off the board.

But it will be worth keeping an eye on during the draft.