Three things: Broncos vs. Bills

Three things to watch for in Denver’s preseason game against visiting Buffalo on Saturday night. Kickoff is set for 8:30 p.m. ET:

1. Keep it up on defense: Denver’s defense got a good start last week at Dallas. The first-team played well. There are a lot of newcomers on this unit, which was last in the NFL. So, it needs to continue to work. If this unit plays well again, it should give the coaching staff needed confidence in the defense.

2. Keep it up in run game: New coach John Fox wants to run the ball a lot. So, that means a lot of work for Knowshon Moreno and newcomer Willis McGahee. They did well last week as they combined for 40 yards on six carries, and they’ve looked good in camp. They need to continue to make strides.

3. Contain Dareus: When Denver bypassed Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus to take Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller, Dareus was snapped up by the Bills. Dareus then said he would take it out against the Broncos on the field for the rest of his career. Dareus looked good in his debut last week. So, Denver’s young offensive line will have his hands full. This is a prelude to the real thing. Denver visits Buffalo on Christmas Eve.