Mailbag: McNabb to Oakland in 2011?

Weekend mail call:

Danny from San Jose wants to know if Donovan McNabb could end up in Oakland next season.

Bill Williamson: I’ve received a lot of questions about this. It’s a legitimate question. McNabb’s name was connected to the Raiders before he was traded from Philadelphia to Washington last Easter Sunday. The Raiders denied interest, but Oakland did trade for a quarterback -- Washington’s Jason Campbell -- after McNabb was dealt. It looks like McNabb will be available again next offseason. He’s been benched by the Redskins and coach Mike Shanahan said he can’t guarantee McNabb he will return to Washington. Could he end up in Oakland? I think it all depends on Campbell. If Campbell finishes the final three games strong, Oakland will feel good about him moving forward. But if Campbell takes a step back, Oakland may be in the market for a quarterback. McNabb could be one of the better quarterbacks available. It all depends on Campbell.

Bryan from Fort Bragg, NC., wants to know if I think the Chiefs can win the AFC West.

BW:Sure, they are the favorites. If they can win their final three games, the Chiefs will win the division. I wouldn’t be too worried about the loss at San Diego last week. Matt Cassel wasn’t playing and it changed everything. The Chiefs are a fine, young team. This is a team that is getting better and it will be very good next season. If Kansas City makes the playoffs this season, it will spark what should be a strong future.

Mario from Oakland wants to know if I think Champ Bailey could sign with Oakland in the offseason.

BW: Bailey is a prospective free agent and there is a decent chance he will leave Denver. I think Bailey wants to play for a winner while getting fair market value. Even though Bailey will turn 33 next summer, he has played at a high level this season and he will likely be popular on the open market. Oakland has a star cornerback in Nnamdi Asomugha. So, they may want to look at other position -- perhaps offensive line, receiver or linebacker -- for free-agent help even though an Asomugha-Bailey cornerback tandem would be stellar. Still, I think this one may be a long shot pairing.

Michael McKinstry from Glendale, Ariz., wants to know if I think Denver could draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck if he comes out.

BW: I don’t see this one being a fit. Carolina will likely end up with the No.1 pick and Luck will likely be the choice if he comes out. Denver is on pace to have the No. 3 pick. Plus, with Kyle Orton coming back next season, Tim Tebow entering his second season and Denver having massive needs on defense, I don’t see Luck ending up in Denver like the last Stanford quarterback who went No.1 in the draft.