What it was like to cover Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow.

I’ve typed the name countless times. I’m sure I’ve never typed another name more in any 23-month stretch of my 22-year career.

Did I want to write all things Tim Tebow since he was drafted by the Denver Broncos? It didn’t matter what I wanted. I had to write about Tim Tebow.

He became required coverage when Denver made him a surprise first-round draft pick. As soon as I saw ESPN’s cameras focused on Tebow talking on the phone while the Broncos were on the clock with the No. 25 pick of the 2010 draft, I knew everything was changing.

I knew it was Tebow Time.

I was warned. All of the coverage of Tebow leading up to the NFL draft created major traffic and drew strong interest. I knew he would affect the coverage of whatever division he came to. Still, I wasn’t prepared for the scope of what was to transpire in the next 23 months.

Tebow was everywhere. He was more than a sports story. He was an entertainment story. He was a political story. He was a religion story.

He was the story.

We probably could have had an all-Tebow blog and it would have been one of the most popular on the site. Did I write enough about Tebow? I don’t know if it was even possible.

The beauty of Tebow coverage is that everyone had an opinion. Many couldn’t get enough of Tebow; just as many complained that they had indeed had enough of Tebow. But the truth is, everybody read about Tebow. All the time.

It was an interesting, challenging journey. Now, Tebow leaves the AFC West and shifts to the AFC East, where I’m sure intense coverage and readership awaits. We will move on with much learned from the experience.

I wonder if the new guy in Denver will be any fun to cover?