Chat wrap: Tommie Harris' role in San Diego

The following are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Scott from Huntington Beach: Why can’t Lance Ball get on the field? It seems like every time he does he looks good out there, and makes a play.

Bill Williamson: He may get his chance pretty quick here if (Willis) McGahee continues to average six feet a pop.

Kansas City

Peter from New York: Bill, what is your take on the abilities of Matt Cassel. Personally I feel that he is a low-end starter or a solid back-up QB. Do you think he has what it takes to take a team to the Super Bowl- I just do not see it.

BW: I think he is in the bottom half of NFL starters. Not terrible, not overly good. He needs help around him. The injuries are hurting him.


JT from Orange County, CA.: Who is the fastest Raider would you say: Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore or Taiwan Jones?

BW: It doesn't matter. What does is how are defenses going to cover these guys when they are on the field ... with No. 20 on the field as well.

San Diego

Alexander from Alaska: I just saw the Chargers signed Tommie Harris. Do you think he can have some king of career revival and help the Chargers?

BW: Right now, he is there to be a veteran who can play in an emergency. He'll get some time this week, I'd think. if he plays well, he'll stay. if not, he'll go when the Chargers get healthy on the line. But he has a chance.