Chiefs fans shouldn't forget the good times

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

For many Chiefs fans, Monday's announcement that Carl Peterson will not return next season as general manger was met with celebration. Many folks in Kansas City saw it as the Chiefs' third victory this season. It was one win that wasn't blown.

But don't forget the legacy. Peterson, who was hired nearly 20 years ago, wasn't always a villain in Kansas City. Sure times are tough now and, yes, the Chiefs have won just two of their last 23 games.

But Peterson did some good. He brought in Marty Schottenheimer. He brought in Joe Montana. He brought in Derrick Thomas. He brought in Tony Gonzalez. He brought in Larry Johnson (and, yes, that was a good thing at the time). He brought the playoffs back to Kansas City.

There was some good. Yes, much of it was in the past. And that's why this move is for the best.

It was certainly time. It would have been nice for Peterson to last through next season as he planned before retiring. But retirement plans in the NFL aren't often voluntary. The Chiefs are down -- way down. The city doesn't believe in them anymore and change at the top is necessary.

Peterson needed to go for sure. There is an adage in the NFL that a football marriage shouldn't last more than 10 years. Peterson and the Chiefs doubled that lifespan. It was time for a divorce. The Chiefs needed to move on.

But as they march forward, Chiefs fans, as they revel in the change, should remember the Peterson days weren't always bad.