How the Broncos handle trash talking

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- It's a free country, sure. Free speech is certainly covered in the Constitution and all.

But if the line is crossed and a player wanders into the too-much-free-speech, too-many-bad-decisions zone -- the kind that draws a penalty or negates a quality play -- there is a principal's office of sorts for the Denver Broncos. Most often a player's position coach is the first one on the scene, scowl at the ready, and that is the time when the bench becomes a powerful teaching tool.

Because the player is headed for it and likely won't find his way off it until there is some sort of mea culpa.

For defensive players, in particular, the hot zone is the few feet of gameday real estate next to defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. As linebacker Danny Trevathan said, "Coach Del Rio will let you know. He's not always out there, right up on you, but when he does you know, you probably need to listen."

Trevathan got his nationally televised earful from the former linebacker in the regular-season opener. It came in the seconds that followed Trevathan dropping the ball too early as he celebrated an interception he would have returned for a touchdown had he simply hung on to the ball. Instead, the Baltimore Ravens got the ball on the 20-yard line after a touchback.

For the Broncos, there may be no better example of their enforcement policy than a second-quarter play in the team's Nov. 17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Denver. With the Chiefs facing a second-and-8 play from the Broncos' 12-yard line, Denver forced an incomplete pass. But after Alex Smith's pass had sailed past Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles, Broncos safety Duke Ihenacho, with an official standing roughly two feet away, got right in Charles' face.

The trash talk quickly drew a taunting penalty that gave the Chiefs a first-and-goal at the Broncos' 6-yard line. The Chiefs scored a touchdown three plays later.

The penalty got Ihenacho on the express lane to the sideline, where Del Rio screamed "get him out of there" just seconds after the flag was thrown. Ihenacho was immediately taken out of the lineup and found himself in Del Rio's sphere of influence for a while instead of in the defensive huddle.

"I don't like seeing it," is how Del Rio described it. "... That's just silly. It's not necessary. Unsportsmanlike is what was called and it's unnecessary. He's a young player; we want to help him learn from that and hopefully we never have it ever again."

Added Broncos head coach John Fox: "Football is an emotional game, played by passionate people. But we also want our guys to understand the situation and that, at the end of the day, the object is winning and we need to do the things necessary to win. Winning is what's fun in this league and if something keeps you from winning, then that's not fun."