Chat wrap: Chargers waiting for Wimbley?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held Thursday:


Sage from Denver, Co.: Why do the Broncos have to wait on Peyton Manning if they want to sign Tolbert of Bush? It seems to me that they should get a new running back regardless of whether Manning is here or not.

Bill Williamson: Money and scheme. Everything changes if Manning is there.


Bill Simpson from Joplin, Missouri: What are your thoughts about the Chiefs QB situation? Does it look like they will keep Palko?

BW: No, Palko is a memory. At the very least, the backup will be Stanzi, but I expect the Chiefs to sign a backup now or after cuts during the preseason or maybe draft a QB early. Kirk Cousins or Brandon Weeden in the second round perhaps.


Bryan from Hayward, CA.: Backup RB for Darren McFadden

BW: Right now, Taiwan Jones if Bush bolt. But I can see them adding a vet at some point. Jackie Battle of KC is a solid, cheap option.


Mike from Irvine, CA: Is there any status update on Wimbley? Do the Chargers still have enough cap space to make a run at him if Oakland cuts him?

BW: It might be tight, but the Chargers would be one of the teams interested. Raiders have to make a decision by Saturday. Perhaps they are waiting to cut him to see other teams spend money and take away options for him. Not saying that is the case, but it's within their right if they choose.