Chat wrap: Should Rivers play Friday?

The following are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Mic from work: Do you think Peyton's neck problems are more than he lead to believe with the talk of problems looking and throwing right? Do you think the dink and dunk short game will be enough?

Bill Williamson: He's fine to his left. The right side will come back, but right now, it's an issue. Defensive coordinators will try to exploit it, but Manning is smart enough to adjust. But he is at about 85 percent, not 100. That's the reality.


Roger from Ohio: Given that neither Quinn nor Stanzi has shown much in the pre-season do the Chiefs look for a better No. 2 QB like they did last year? And if so, who might work in their system?

BW: I think, just an educated guess, that Quinn will be the No. 2 guy. Crennel is comfortable with him and he hasn't been bad.


Andy from Chicago: With the Rams signing Gholston does that mean raiders will grab Carter and does that mean they didn’t like what they saw in carter

BW: I think the Rams thought Gholston was a better option than Carter. The Boston Herald reported that Carter is not ready. The fact that Oakland didn't sign him when they had him at camp, may lend credence to that report.


Alex from AZ.: Bill, shouldn't the Chargers take the cautious path with River's this preseason game and sit him, since the O line is currently starting an undrafted rookie at LT and a 7th round rookie at Center? Jared Allen could seriously kill Rivers and the Chargers entire season in one play?

BW: It's is a tough situation. I can see your point and keeping Rivers off the field because Gaither and Hardwick are out. However, this is the most important preseason game. Rivers needs the work. So, it would hurt the offense if he doesn't play. Of course, it would really hurt the offense if he gets seriously injured. Really a tough call. Maybe there is a compromise situation and Rivers could play a half instead of three quarters.

UPDATE: The Chargers will likely be without a third offensive lineman, Tyronne Green in the game. Thus, Rivers will be without three starters.