Mailbag: Give Poe a chance

Midweek mail call:

John from Kansas City wants to know if I think Kansas City's top pick, Dontari Poe, will be a sure bust.

Bill Williamson: I find it a bit amusing that the consensus is that Poe will not succeed in the NFL. It’s as if the poor kid’s fate has already been sealed. Come on, folks. Had Kansas City not taken the defensive tackle from Memphis at No. 11, another team would quickly have taken him. Sure, he didn’t have great film in college. But there is no denying he is a talent. He will get supreme coaching from Romeo Crennel and Poe will be put in a position to succeed. Just because there are question marks doesn’t mean Poe has no chance to succeed. Don’t be shocked if in two years we hear what a steal he was.

Mike from San Francisco wants to know if the Raiders made a mistake by not drafting Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

BW: Well, if Oakland whiffed on Burfict, so did the rest of the league. He was not drafted and he signed with Cincinnati as an undrafted free agent. Here’s why Burfict wasn’t drafted: he didn’t deserve to be. In addition to having character red flags, his game film wasn’t great. He doesn’t have strong fundamentals and he freelances too much. He wasn’t worth the trouble to draft. Perhaps he will develop, but just because he was a known quantity doesn’t mean he should have been drafted.

Rich from St. Louis wants to know what I think of Kansas City draft choice DeQuan Menzie.

BW: I like him. I think he has a real chance. The fifth-round pick from Alabama was a cornerback in college but he may project as a safety in the NFL. He is a smart, heady player who stood out on a classic defense. Nick Saban’s defenders come to the NFL ready and I think we will see an impact made by this player. Yes, he lacks ideal speed, but it didn’t hurt him in the SEC and he knows how to make up for it. I know the Chiefs are tickled about this pick.