Tebow Watch: Bigger than Strasburg?

There’s no doubt the two most talked about professional athletes to never play a game at the highest level are Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow and Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg.




StrasburgTo mark Strasburg’s Major League debut Tuesday night, ESPN.com’s Page 2 takes a light-hearted look at the tale of the tape between these two ballyhooed youngsters.

Pretty funny stuff. Here are a couple of the highlights:

Number of bracelets worn

Strasburg: 0

Tebow: 7

Advantage: Strasburg. Tebow has one of those rubber wristbands for just about everyone he's ever met. Strasburg doesn't believe in fashion accessories other than strikeouts. Besides, bracelets would probably weigh him down and take a couple miles an hour off his fastball. They're clearly for people who don't ever throw.

Greatest award

Strasburg: 2008 Olympic bronze medal with Team USA

Tebow: 2007 Heisman Trophy

Advantage: Tebow. He's the first player to win the Heisman as a sophomore. That's impressive. A bronze medal, on the other hand? Lots of people have them, and some don't even want theirs -- for example, Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian, who threw his bronze medal down and walked off in Beijing.


Strasburg: baby bowl

Tebow: modified buzz

Advantage: Tebow. This isn't so much a win for Tebow as it is a loss for Strasburg. As haircuts go, you could do worse than the newest Denver Bronco, and Strasburg is proof of that. It's as though he broke curfew and his mom cut his hair as a punishment. No wonder he never takes his cap off.