Tebow Watch: Money for something

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., -– In the next month or so, Tim Tebow is going to become a very wealthy 22-year-old.

As a quarterback who was the No. 25 pick, Tebow is looking at a huge contract. Last year, the 25th overall pick, Miami cornerback Vontae Davis signed a five-year, $10.5 million deal. Tebow could be in line for a couple of more million because he is a quarterback.

Don’t expect Tebow to go on a wild spending spree for himself when he inks his deal.

“Money really hasn’t meant anything to me and my family,” said Tebow, who grew up the son of missionaries. He proudly calls himself an MK: missionary kid. “Growing up, we really loved with little because we were often on missionaries.”

Still, Tebow is excited about the impact his salary can make.

“You do need money for the things I have planned,” he said. “To build orphanages and to help kids, you need money so I look forward to having that opportunity. … But I’m here for football not the money.”