Evening notes: Tebow signs up for kids

ESPN’s.com’s Page 2 is continuing its coverage into everything Tim Tebow by looking at his signature and how it helps him fund his foundation.

Tebow is an interesting guy and you have to admire his reasons why he feels it’s important to take the time to sign autographs for children.

Here’s a taste: "It's exciting and it's extremely humbling that people would want your autograph," Tebow said. "But I think also it can get to the point sometimes where people are around you and you're thinking 'Man, I've gotta go' or 'I've gotta do something' or 'I just want to eat my dinner.' But then I think about when I was 6, 7, 8 years old and Danny [Wuerffel] waited to sign my autograph and how it made me feel as a kid.”

Meanwhile, Tebow’s competition in Denver, Brady Quinn, lauds the rookie’s character and work ethic.

Safety Kevin Ellison was claimed by Seattle and will play for his coach at USC, Pete Carroll. Ellison was cut by San Diego on Monday.

New Denver defensive tackle Jamal Williams thinks his experience with San Diego will help him as he stays in the AFC West.

Oakland star cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is being honored in the nation’s capital for his humanitarian efforts.

Former Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell has hinted that he may soon sign with a new team.

Former NFL tackles Willie Anderson wants to return to the NFL. San Diego was interested in 2008. With a potential depth issue if Marcus McNeill holds out, perhaps there will be renewed interest by the Chargers.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that the Chargers have received at least one call about a trade for Vincent Jackson, who is planning to hold out for most of the season. The paper said the Chargers were not interested. This is not a surprise, but perhaps, if the situation gets really messy, the Chargers could change their mind. Talk that Seattle could be interested appears to be right on. Perhaps the Seahawks will push the issue down the road.