Cardinals' Carson Palmer beginning to taper his throwing during practice

TEMPE, Ariz. -- It’s that time of year.

With six weeks left in the regular season, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer will begin limiting the number of throws he makes during practices in an effort to preserve his arm for the rest of the season and a potential extended playoff run.

“I’m not trying to throw a hundred balls at practice,” Palmer said.

Palmer’s tapering will be spearheaded by Cardinals strength and conditioning coach Buddy Morris, who has devised an equation that takes into account Palmer’s age, how many years he’s been playing and how many throws Palmer typically makes this time of year to determine how many throws the 35-year-old quarterback should be making in practice.

Whatever that number is, Palmer will accept it.

“There’s a fine line,” Palmer said. “That’s something completely not in my wheelhouse. Buddy Morris is as smart of a guy in that department. He’s been studying it a long time. He understands mechanics. He understands the velocity of throws. He uses all these big words that I’m not even going to get into.

“He’s a researcher and he’s done a ton of research.”

Palmer has thrown 338 pass attempts this season, the 13th most in the NFL, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Palmer, who missed 10 games last season because of a nerve injury in his throwing shoulder and a torn ACL, said he won’t fight for more throws in practice.

“I’m trusting a professional,” Palmer said. “Buddy is as good as they get. He’s as good as they come in this league. I’ve been around a bunch of strength coaches, but Buddy is hands down the best. He’s very focused. He’s very concerned with it. It takes up a lot of his day because he’s always talking about it.

“I just do whatever he tells me.”