Flush the pocket: Cards head to Florida

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NEW ORLEANS -- Isn’t a week at the beach supposed to rid the soul of all worry, let the daily grind come to a screeching halt, allow you to come back refreshed and re-energized with a renewed passion?

The Cardinals wish all that will happen this week.

To avoid the risk of fatigue by traveling through five time zones in six days, the Cardinals elected to travel straight from New Orleans to the West Coast of Florida for a week before Sunday’s game at Tampa Bay. They will be staying in Sarasota and practicing in Bradenton.

But not everyone is totally sold on the idea.

“They think it’s the best thing for us to give us a chance to win so we’re going to go with it,” receiver Larry Fitzgerald said after a long pause. “Not like we have a choice in the matter.”

Defensive end Ronald Talley said the time together will help the team bond, basically like an East Coast training camp.

Time together could be the best thing for the Cardinals after their forgettable offensive performance in a 31-7 loss to New Orleans on Sunday. They could leave Florida on the same page.

“I’ve never done it before,” quarterback Carson Palmer said. “I don’t know if guys on the team have done it. It doesn’t’ seem like they have. But we need to make sure this is a crisp week. We have a chance to get to 2-2.

“The veterans need to make sure this is a (work week), that we’re in Florida to work and improve because we have a lot of improvements to make.”

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