Mike Leach has the best job in sports

There are great jobs in sports. Some allow you to travel the world. Some will pay you the type of money you read about in books as a child.

Yahoo tried to narrow down the Top 5 jobs in all of sports. Of course, like any list, it is open for debate and I'm sure there were plenty of people who watched the video and disagreed.

But Yahoo spoke and I know one person in the Cardinals' locker room who will have something to say about that list this week.

Without further ado...

No. 5 - Bullpen catcher

No. 4 - NFL referee

No. 3 - MLB umpire

No. 2 - PGA Tour caddie

No. 1 - NFL long snapper

That's right, Cardinals long snapper Mike Leach has the best job in all of sports, according to Yahoo.

Why would the long snapper be the best job in sports? Yahoo's reasons were it only has one job -- to snap the ball -- and there's a minimal risk of injury. That risk is even smaller this year after rules were adopted to not allow defenders to line up directly across from the long snapper on field goals, already a rule on punts, because the long snapper begins the play with his head down and the risk of injury is too high.

So, according to Yahoo, long snappers makes a lot of money, more than a million per year, work only a few plays per game and have a low risk of injury.

Maybe Leach does have the best job in sports.