Flush the Pocket: Is Peterson the best CB?

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TEMPE, Ariz. – It’s a debate that truly can’t be settled, but fans of the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will sure try.

Who’s the best cornerback in the NFL?

Arizona coach Bruce Arians says it's Patrick Peterson. Well, so does Peterson. But every Seahawks fan would beg to differ, as would the Bucs' faithful. In trying to decide if there was an answer, I asked ESPN Stats & Information to compare the three since 2011, Peterson’s rookie season. Stats will have to do for now because we’ll never see a Peterson-vs.-Richard Sherman matchup.

I wasn’t able to get every stat I wanted, so this isn’t a scientific comparison, nor does it provide an overall picture. But it’s a good addition to the conversation. (Note: Darrelle Revis played in only 22 games because of injury, while Peterson and Sherman played in 36.)

Interceptions since 2011:

1. Sherman, 14

3. Peterson, 11

t37. Revis, 6

Pass breakups since 2011:

t4. Sherman, 23

t22. Revis, 18

t43. Peterson, 14

Team W-L since 2011:

Sherman, 22-14

Peterson, 15-21

Revis, 12-10

You be the judge. Now, onto the links.:

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