What's the Fuss with… Daryn Colledge

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This week What’s the Fuss caught up with Daryn Colledge, who enjoys wine as much as he enjoys blocking defensive linemen. His wine company, Three Fat Guys, was the result of a night of drinking vino a few years ago with a couple of former teammates when he played for Green Bay. Bottoms up. Hope you like red.

How did Three Fat Guys Wine get started?

“I had a couple partners in Green Bay – guys I got drafted with, Tony Moll and Jason Spitz – and our families shared dinners and stuff like that. We were all really close and we got to talking one night about wine and all that kind of stuff. We [became] friends with Charles Woodson and Charles Woodson owns a wine company called Twenty Four. And we were at one of his wine events, and we met with his winemaker and we just had a conversation with him, just saying, ‘Hey, what does it take to produce a bottle of wine?’

“We thought of it as a good idea for Christmas, with the three of us to produce wine and we’d hand it out as Christmas gifts and stuff like that. And then we just kinda sat there thinking about it a little more and we’re like, ‘Why don’t we just make a venture out of it? Something to keep the families close together?’ And it’s just kinda grown since that. Started as a way for three families to stay close, and now it’s a profitable business.”

How big is the company?

“It’s not that big. We’re still pretty small. We produce about 126 cases a year. But we’re looking to expand to another varietal and maybe up our case load to 400, 500 cases a year.”

What kind of wine do you make?


Strictly cabernet?

“Strictly cabernet right now for probably another year, and then we’d like to move into some whites and some other options.”

Were you a big wino before?

“My mom’s a wine drinker. I grew up around that culture, but I think the older you get and especially around the NFL, you get into a lot of events where there’s wine, you get to know people in that field.”

What kind of wine do you drink?

“I drink a lot of cab. I actually collect Italian wines. I drink a lot of Italian wines and such, but I’ll pretty much drink anything at this point in my life.”

Has your taste in wine become more sophisticated?

“The more you’re involved in the business and you start making your own wine and help blend your own wines, your taste grows and changes and your nose gets better. It’s one of those things, I like sampling new things and different things to kinda see what’s out there in the world. But my heart’s in cabernet and my heart’s in Italian wines.”

Do you want to retire to a vineyard?

“I don’t know about a vineyard, man. That’s an expensive business. I don’t know if I’ve played long enough or made enough money for that. That’s a whole 'nother level. I’ll continue to work my wine business as hard as I can, and hopefully when I’m done here I’ll have the opportunity to grow that business and see what it can really become.”