Calais Campbell want to make movies, TV after football

TEMPE, Ariz. -- It’s become an old cliché by now: Athletes want to become entertainers and entertainers want to become athletes.

But Calais Campbell is different. The Arizona Cardinals' Pro Bowl defensive end doesn’t want to be an entertainer. He wants to be in entertainment -- as in making movies and TV shows. And they’d all be funny. Very funny.

Campbell knows a thing or two about the comedy world. His youngest brother, Jared Campbell, is a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles. Over the years, as Calais has followed Jared’s comedy career, he’s learned a thing or two along the way.

Funniest person you’ve met in person?

Calais Campbell: Well, outside of my network? Because I got a lot of funny people in my network. I roll with funny people.

Let’s start in network.

CC: In network is a little challenging because they all think they’re the funniest and at times they all are. I’d have to say my little brother Jared Campbell, my best friend Josh Barnes and my other best friend Bill Fishel. They’re the most entertaining people I’m around on a constant basis. They’re always joking.

Outside my network, I think Will Ferrell is probably the funniest I’ve met. He had me laughing the entire time I met him. The guy who’s emceeing the event tonight, Tony Roberts, is the most I’ve had fun watching him perform on stage.

What was it like meeting Will Ferrell?

CC: That was pretty cool, man. He tried to post me up, if that explains anything at all. Just the most entertaining guy. He’s always looking for the joke. But he was pretty cool. It was chill. I guess that’s what you kind of expect after being around a lot of different famous people. You kind of expect him to be more chill because that’s what really gets you there. Just always looking to keep things light and keep things fun.

What have you taken away from these guys in comedy that you can use later in life?

CC: There’s a lot of different people out there that I like to make connections with. It’s all about building your network and people you want to surround yourself with. There’s a lot of people out there who have done it the right way. Terry Crews is another guy I’ve had the pleasure of hanging with and befriending. I had an audition one time and he gave me some good advice. I didn’t get that role but that’s definitely helped me get into other roles and other things like 'The League' and stuff like that.

After football, do you want to do something in comedy?

CC: I would love to get in the TV world and movie world and definitely more comedy than anything else just because that’s what I know and that’s who I am. So, it’d be fun to go out there and create something that people can laugh at.