Cleats bring John Abraham closure

TEMPE, Ariz. – Closure in any relationship is needed.

Just ask Arizona Cardinals linebacker John Abraham. His split from the Atlanta Falcons back in March was acrimonious and left a bitter taste in his mouth for a while. He swore last week there aren’t any hard feelings, but to make sure that chapter of his life was closed once and for all, Abraham went back to his past just one more time.

Before Sunday’s game against the Falcons, Abraham tweeted out this photo:

Yes, those are Nike cleats with the Falcons logo inside the heel. Yes, he wore those during the game.

But to Abraham it was a way of pushing the past out while ushering in the present. The last time he wore those cleats was last season’s NFC Championship Game. And to Sunday’s game, Abraham wore the same shirt he wore when he signed with the Cardinals, which is the same shirt he wore when he was inducted into the Senior Bowl’s Hall of Fame this year.

“It’s my good luck shirt now, I guess,” he said.

Abraham was sent the cleats last Saturday – by whom, he would not say – and decided to wear them one last time. He even put in white shoelaces to “make it show off a little more.”

“It was fun,” Abraham said of playing the Falcons. “I think I enjoyed everything. I was sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to [Atlanta coach] Mike [Smith] and [Falcons owner] Arthur [Blank], but that’s what I do before games. I don’t talk to people.”

The NFL's active leader in sacks, Abraham added a 125th sack to his list Sunday, bringing down former teammate Matt Ryan.

“It’s cool, though, because I got Matt,” Abraham said. “It’s just me and Matt, 'cause Matt’s a cool guy. If you meet Matt, he’s the only guy I know who can walk around anywhere and you don’t know who Matt Ryan is, unless he’s Matt Ryan. He’s just so cool and so laid back.

“You would never know he was getting that much money.”

But you know what kind of cleats Abraham wore to bring him down Sunday.