Chad Williams showing off freakish athleticism during OTAs

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Saying Cardinals rookie Chad Williams is an “athletic freak” may be among the most factual pieces of information around.

He’s talented, quick, fast and has good hands. He has the tangibles needed to be an impactful NFL wide receiver, and he’s already begun to show it. When coach Bruce Arians was asked about Williams during the first week of OTAs, he gushed.

“He’s shown up a lot already,” Arians said. “It’s a tough room to crack but he’s off [to] a good start.”

Williams stood out during rookie minicamp with a slew of impressive catches, but since he’s “playing soccer” as Arians calls offseason practices, it’s tough to see how he’ll adjust to facing NFL-caliber defensive backs when they can touch, bump and tackle him. For now, though, Williams is showing off his freakish athleticism during practices.