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Cardinals rookie OL Will Holden makes good on freshman-year promise with proposal

TEMPE, Ariz. -- When they were freshmen at Vanderbilt, Arizona Cardinals rookie offensive linemen Will Holden told Casey Musicant he was going to propose to her one day.

After five years of dating, that day came Monday.

Holden got down on one knee at midfield at University of Phoenix Stadium after Arizona’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys and asked Musicant to marry him. She said yes.

“It was great to do it at University of Phoenix Stadium,” Holden said. “She was happy. I was happy. Our families came. They were happy. It’s a blessing.”

Holden had it all planned out.

One of Musicant’s friends asked if she wanted to take a picture at midfield. When they walked out to the center of the field, Holden was waiting.

“She was very excited,” said Holden, whom the Cardinals picked in the fifth round of this year's draft.

He wasn’t nervous, though. After being together five years, “it was the time,” he said. And a football field was the perfect place to ask for her hand in marriage, he thought.

“Football’s been a big part of my life and it’s been a big part of her life now,” he said. “She’s been together with me since Day 1 at Vanderbilt. It’s football. It’s been my life and her life, and I thought that was a special place.”

The two met on move-in day their freshman year of college.

When Holden made that bold prediction, he wasn’t sure if Musicant believed him. But his prophecy held true.

“I was still trying to win her over at that point,” he said. “I think she did [believe me] deep down, and now she does."

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