Cardinals miss out on two potential touchdowns on close plays

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Replay, shmeplay.

John Brown and Andre Ellington felt they were robbed when officials in Sunday's Arizona Cardinals-49ers game didn't make what they felt was the right call.

Ellington was the first to feel he was squeezed out of a touchdown.

He caught a 12-yard pass from Carson Palmer early in the second quarter as he was falling out of the left side of the end zone. The play was initially ruled a touchdown, which would've given Arizona a 7-3 lead, but after the replay it was overturned.

"They said I bobbled it a little bit or something. I'm not sure," Ellington said. "I thought it was a touchdown."

Ellington evidently lost control as he went to the ground. The replay, however, showed that he had control as he finished the catch.

When Ellington was asked if he knew what a catch was in the NFL anymore, he laughed.

"I don't know, man," he said. "I thought it was a catch but they said it wasn't."

Brown's situation as similar to Ellington's, but in reverse.

It appeared he caught a 25-yard touchdown from Palmer with 1:17 left in overtime, but the play was initially ruled out of bounds. It was reviewed and the replay showed Brown's second foot dragging along the sideline of the end zone but there wasn't evidence conclusive enough to prove his toes were in bounds which would've overturned the call.

"I was in, I was in," Brown said.

Brown said he kept his eye on the football as it got tipped by a 49ers' defensive back. Brown caught it, got his left foot down and then tried to toe-tap his right foot.

Brown said coaches stress to him and the other receivers to always be aware of their surroundings, specifically how close they are to the sideline.

"I knew where I was the whole time," Brown said.

Had Brown's catch been called a touchdown initially or overturned after the replay, it would've ended the game with Arizona winning in overtime.

"They robbed me of a touchdown," he said. "It's fine. We won."